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//Tuesdays with the Collection//: Omer Fast

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Tuesdays with the Collection: Omer Fast

03.04.2018 at 11 am – 7 pm

Published at:25.03.2018

In April, as part of Tuesdays with the Collection, we present Omer Fast’s Looking Pretty for God (After G.W.). In the film, the artist juxtaposes two worlds: a photographic studio and the interior of a funeral home. In the first one there is an advertising session with the participation of children going on, in the second – preparatory activities before embalming bodies. What unites seemingly incompatible places is the creation of artificiality. The artist touches upon one of man’s greatest fears – the fear of death – and deals with our desire to maintain the illusion of the impermanence of life.

Omer Fast (1972, Israel/Germany) creates film stories that refer to current events in the world as well as people’s private experiences. His works convey reflection on history and on the processes of shaping the memory of events. Fast draws attention to the fluid boundary between documentary and fiction, between history and its perception.