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//Tuesdays with the Collection//: Łukasz Surowiec

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Tuesdays with the Collection: Łukasz Surowiec

24.07.2018 at 11–19

Published at:04.06.2018

The summer edition of the series Tuesdays with the Collection is devoted to the work Berlin-Birkenau (2012) by Łukasz Surowiec. The video documents the artistic action, in which the artist dug out some 400 birch saplings from the land surrounding the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Of these, more than 300 were presented in Berlin, and during an art biennale, planted in parks and the grounds of schools, cultural institutions and places linked to deportation and the Holocaust. The artist left the remaining birches in his own garden or gave away to friends. Three of them were included in the exhibition Poland– Israel – Germany: The Experience of Auschwitz. After the end of the exhibition, they became part of the MOCAK Collection and were planted at the entrance to the Museum. This action by Łukasz Surowiec was an attempt to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive by the means of ‘living monuments’.


Łukasz Surowiec (1985, Poland) – video, object, installation. His works are devoted to a critique of themes related to society. The artist is a keen observer of reality, with hopes to influence its shape.