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//Tuesdays with the Collection//: Wojciech Bruszewski

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Tuesdays with the Collection: Wojciech Bruszewski

13.02.2018 at 11–19

Published at:05.02.2018

In February, as part of the project Tuesdays with the Collection, we present the director’s choice Ten Works – films of Wojciech Bruszewski: YYAA, Text-Door, Video Touch 7, Video Touch 5, Video Touch 1, Tea Spoon, Matchbox, Video Touch 8, Input – Output, Outside from 1973–1977. The manipulations that the artist carries out on sound and image undermine the conviction that the cinematic technique is an objective means of conveying a message. Ten Works belongs to the 1970s trend of analysing the media. It draws on Marshall McLuhan, the author of the 1964 book Understanding Media, with its thesis that ‘the medium is the message’. For this reason, it is not only the message but also the medium that needs to be subjected to analytical scrutiny.

Wojciech Bruszewski (1947–2009) was a precursor of media art in Poland and a co-founder of Workshop of Film Form. He undertook experiments with the visualisation of language, also by matching up fragments of landscape or positions of the body with letters of the alphabet. As one of the first artists in Poland, he used the computer in his art. He wrote a program that generated sonnets in a nonsensical language, whilst observing all the rules of poetry. Selected poems were recited by Leon Niemczyk in 2000.