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The results of the competition for the arrangement of the MOCAK's library reading room

Published at:15.06.2011

The jury awarded the project by Małgorzata Domin and Aleksandra Kaczmarek.

The projects by Monika and Agnieszka Sikorska Rogusz - Kwasieborska and Michał Kwasieborski were also distinguished.


We thank all applicants for taking part in the contest!

The design of the reading room is intended to reflect the appearance of the remaining part of the building. Fully respecting the available space, we decided to go along with the white colour scheme. The white has affected choices with regard to the elements of the interior design. To complement the colour scheme, there appear the natural shades of flax, which has been used for the upholstery of the free-standing soft pouffes and the futons on the mezzanine. Black is the only stronger colour used to contrast with the white. Used in well-balanced proportions, it appears exclusively in the additional touches. The colours and materials employed in the design of the interior aim to result in a low-key environment, conducive to both work and rest.
In the open space of the entrance, we have created a reception counter, so that the staff working in the reading room can control the area. The centrally situated counter attracts the gaze with its interesting geometric shape.
The longest wall in the reading room is a convenient bookcase for a handy book collection. The bookcase, in its central part, on the line of vision of someone standing, has eye-catching underlighting along the shelves, on which the recommended publications are displayed. The bookcase, its height dictated by the dimensions of the space, is conveniently equipped with a ladder which can be moved horizontally, which enables users to reach the upper shelves.  Opposite the bookcase, in a continuation of the reception block, there is a work surface with three computer stations and a work place.  In the space intended for group work, we have employed a wall made out of varnished MDF. This construction – apart from its very attractive appearance, provides an opportunity to hide back numbers of magazines behind a door which can be opened. The geometric form of the wall reflects the character of the reception counter.
In this area there is a convenient table designed to enable eight people to work comfortably. In its central part there is an opening in which have been placed lamps provided with sockets where laptops can be plugged in. The lamps can be removed, so that, during seminar sessions, a large table for manual work can be created. There is also a wall for the display of temporary exhibitions.
We have used the space under the stairs as a comfortable seating area, which acts as a refuge from the busy entrance zone.
On the mezzanine, comfortable upholstered futons with cushions encourage relaxation with a book.

Małgorzata Domin and Aleksandra Kaczmarek.