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Beata Stankiewicz //Ten Jews Who Made Poland Famous//

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Beata Stankiewicz Ten Jews Who Made Poland Famous

'Ten Jews Who Made Poland Famous' catalogueThe publication presents profiles of ten outstanding artists and intellectuals. As well as reproductions of works by Beata Stankiewicz, it contains extensive biographies of the portrayed figures and excerpts from their writings. The book also includes an interview with the artist, which familiarises the reader with the concept behind the series.

Biographical notes, interview with the artist: Martyna Sobczyk
texts: Zuzanna Ginczanka, Hanna Krall, Stanisław Lem, Roman Polański, Maria Anna Potocka, Anda Rottenberg, Artur Rubinstein, Bruno Schulz, Jonasz Stern, Alfred Tarski, Julian Tuwim
translation: Walter Arndt, Juliusz Kydryński, Madeline G. Levine, Anda MacBride, Tadeusz Szafar, Kalina Szymanowska, Piotr Szymanowski, Alissa Valles
graphic design: Rafał Sosin
language: Polish, English
format: 170 × 230 mm
no. of pages: 136
ISBN: 978-83-65851-26-0
year of publication: 2019

Catalogue accompanies the exhibition:
Beata Stankiewicz Ten Jews Who Made Poland Famous
Curator: Maria Anna Potocka
MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
28 June – 22 September 2019

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