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Summary of the project //Microstories. Travels Around the World//

Summary of the project Microstories. Travels Around the World

Published at:03.10.2022

One of the most valuable forms of educating ourselves about cultural diversity is a direct encounter with someone who is a ‘stranger for the time being’. Getting to know each other's experiences often becomes a bridge in building interpersonal relations based on universal values.

Between July and September, MOCAK hosted get-togethers and workshops with the participants of Franciszek Orłowski’s exhibition This Blood is for You, who are people hailing from other countries and living in Krakow. Our guests were Nora E. Huerta Flores (Mexico), Wassim Ibrahim (Syria), Minh Quyen Nguyen (Vietnam) and Seydou Zan Diarra (Mali). The central premise of the project Microstories. Travels Around the World is personal encounter as a form of bringing together and integrating the Polish residents of Krakow with people of different nationalities and from cultures living in the city. The relaxed format of the events allowed for individual conversations and integration during culturally diversed refreshments.

Thank you all for attending in such large numbers! Take a look at the photo report on the project.