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//Pure Chance//

Pure Chance

Published at:21.11.2014

Here we have an example of the conservator’s activities that do not concern repairing the original, thus venturing beyond the traditional notions of this type of work. On this occasion, the conservator was required to make a replica of an object created by Wolf Kahlen, on the basis of both the original and instructions from the artist. To make the replica, exactly the same materials and tools were used as those used by Kahlen. The only difference was that as the ‘base’, an old cathode ray TV, was replaced with a contemporary LCD monitor. The new screen makes no pretence of aspiring to the original. It conveys the idea of the work, whose original version, which employs the now-obsolete device, is presented alongside the updated version.

Wolf Kahlen, Pure Chance, 1987/2014, CRT/LCD TV
Exhibition Installation or Object? Works from the MOCAK Collection