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Painted, gilded, trimmed, bent, interwoven, threaded...

Painted, gilded, trimmed, bent, interwoven, threaded...

Published at:13.02.2014

It is not only noble linen, stretcher or varnish, sublime canvas and venerable old wall-painting or installation that come a conservator's way...
It is also knives, little dolls, wings, cake molds, figurines, coins, spoons, mirrors, beads, pearls, jewels, wires, strings, toys, ampoules, horns, fox's tails and frippery, loaves of bread, chips of coloured glass, crystal lids and hats, light bulbs... not serious...?
Abandoned, found, regained, set together, transformed... Painted, gilded, trimmed, glued together, bent, interwoven, threaded, bowed, cut... Shiny, matt, rusted, faded, decayed, creased, torn,   threadbare, delaminated, scattered, spattered...

A conservator's paradise? Or maybe hell?

Such is the whole array of problems, from which one must select those which will also become the conservator's problems and those which should be seen as inherent beauty of the artist's every work; those which should be valued for their uniqueness, whose transience should be accepted and where caring over-protectiveness, which naturally runs in the veins of a conservator, must be abandoned.

Here is a video impression of the conservation works on Władysław Hasior's Dunia's Friend (1973, assamblage, private collection).

Zofia Kerneder