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Janina Turek. Zapiski codzienne (Janina Turek: Daily Notes)

This is the first publication devoted entirely to Janina Turek, who lived in Krakow’s Podgórze district and from 1943 until 2000 kept her secret Diaries. The publication is the first-ever opportunity to allow the viewers a glimpse into Janina Turek’s notebooks and an overview of the idiosyncratic complexity of the entry system. Publication in Polish.

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Bruno Schulz: Sex-Fiction

We present Schulz not as a fetishist and masochist but as a man of unbridled fantasy and freedom of association. The publication includes texts by the curator, renowned schulzologists professor Jerzy Jarzębski and professor Piotr Millati, and the author of the timeline of the International Bruno Schulz Festival in Drohobych. Their contribution is complemented with professional psychological and psychiatric insights.

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Franciszek Orłowski: This Blood Is for You

Besides the documentation of the project, the exhibition catalogue also comprises essays, including Migration, Law, and the Image: Beyond the Veil of Ignorance by W.J.T. Mitchell.

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מריה אנה פוטוצקה המפעל של אוסקר שינדלר אז והיום (Maria Anna Potocka Schindler’s Factory: Then and Now)

In response to frequent questions from viewers MOCAK has prepared a documentary record which provides a detailed history of the site. It is also a declaration of the intent to prove worthy of becoming a part of this history. Language of publication: Hebrew

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Wisława Szymborska. Collages – third edition

The catalogue presents a less-known part of the poet's work: postcard-size collages, which had been sent to her friends over many years. The texts on these minimalist compositions have been written by Małgorzata Baranowska, Maria Anna Potocka, Michał Rusinek. The catalogue also includes an interview with Ryszard Krynicki. The publication comprises nearly 150 photographic reproductions of Wisława Szymborska's works.