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Politics in Art

Politics in Art is the 10th exhibition in the flagship MOCAK series, in which we combine art with the most important civilisational concepts. The catalogue of the exhibition presenting MOCAK’s most important series comprises reproductions and descriptions of works by almost 70 artists, as well as texts by Jan Woleński, Janusz Palikot, Paweł Kowal, Marcin Matczak, Aliaxeya Talstou and Maria Anna Potocka, who look at the relationship between politics and art from different perspectives.

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Мистецтво – це свобода | Art Is Freedom

Catalogue of the first exhibition of the MOCAK Collection in Ukraine. The publication contains reproductions of several dozen works by Polish and foreign artists.

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Maria Anna Potocka Schindlers Fabrik sowie die Geschichte davor und danach

Das MOCAK hat – angesichts der häufig von Besuchern gestellten Fragen – eine Publikation vorbereitet, in der die Geschichte des Ortes akribisch nachgezeichnet und dieser entsprechend gewürdigt wird.

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Maria Anna Potocka Schindler’s Factory: Then and Now

In response to frequent questions from viewers MOCAK has prepared a documentary record which provides a detailed history of the site. It is also a declaration of the intent to prove worthy of becoming a part of this history.

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Contemporary Models of Realism

The term ‘realism’ appeared in the second half of the 19th century. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of realistic representation applies throughout art history. In the popular perception, ‘good art’ is a faithful representation of reality. This is not, however, what artists consider the most important. They engage in a dialogue with realistic images using their tangibility as raw material to build their concepts. The catalogue that accompanies the exhibition comprises among others, texts by Maria Poprzęcka and Maria Anna Potocka as well as a wealth of illustrations.