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Piotr Lutyński

(b. 1962)                                                                                                                                                Painting, sculpture, installation, object. He combines classic media with natural media such as birds’ eggs, feathers, live animals, wax, wood, stone, grain, and dead insects. Geometrical elements in yellow--black colors are characteristic of his work. He interweaves abstract art and nature, creating objects or installations that become „usable objects” for animals. Their presence in the space of the gallery shifts the center of gravity from the presented work to the action taking place around it.

fc4c8d6b04.jpg - 847

Five elements

Technique: installation
Date: 2010
7b799d83b1.jpg - 11041

untitled, from the series Live Images

Technique: object
Measurement: 88 × 198 × 25 cm
Date: 2002