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Paweł Susid

(b. 1952)                                                                                                                                               Painting, drawing. His paintings take the form of communiques referring to the surrounding reality. Built up from the simplest of geometrical figures, symbols, and signs, they are accompanied by short texts – authorial commentaries indicating to the beholder the main idea of the work. The subjects broached by the artist are amazingly diverse, from serious reflections on politics and religion to everyday trivialities.

bb4410320e.jpg - 842

untitled [I get so sad when I change from my summer to winter underwear]

Technique: acrylic / canvas
Measurement: 30 × 90 cm
Date: 1999
557ec3325d.jpg - 841

untitled [Ladies and you girls, in bathroom and the lavatory you touch places that are dear to us]

Technique: acrylic / canvas
Measurement: 39 × 46 cm
Date: 1998
6618511a8f.jpg - 20198

untitled [‘proletaries of all the countries unite’]

Technique: arcrulic / canvas
Measurement: 53,2 x 48,5
Date: 2010
c4fa83d49c.jpg - 20199

untitled [‘this was a good book, let’s put it among the good books’]

Technique: acrylic / canvas
Measurement: 24,3 x 200,7 cm (I: 24,3x100,4 cm; II: 24,3 x 100,3 cm)
Date: 2002