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//One-Day Artist Residencies in the Library//: Lukáš Houdek

One-Day Artist Residencies in the Library: Lukáš Houdek

15.09.2023 at 3 – 6 pm

Published at:06.09.2023

On Friday 15 September 2023,  3 – 6 pm in the MOCAK Library you will have an opportunity to meet the artist Lukáš Houdek, whose solo exhibition Hijira – Between Genders can be seen in Beta Gallery until 17 September.

The series of nearly 130 photographs on display tackles the subject of the hijra community in India, which includes people recognised at birth as male but who reject this gender identification. During a casual conversation, the participants will have the opportunity to ask the artist about his creative process, his experiences to date and, above all, about the works presented as part of the temporary exhibition.

This will be the fourth session in a new series of events at MOCAK: one-day artist residencies in the Library, which offer the public a chance for direct and informal contact with the artists whose work is shown at the Museum.

No advance booking is required. Those who are not registered readers of the MOCAK Library may take part in the event with an entry ticket to the Museum.