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Olga Kisseleva

(b.1965)                                                                                                                                                   Video, installation, photography, sculpture. She raises social and political issues. She is particularly interested in the technological and economic challenges that face today’s society – consumerism and the effect of the increasing power of multinationals as well as the relationship between the financial situation of the artist and the creative work produced. She usually starts her work on a project with an in-depth analysis of the theme, working in collaboration with experts in the field.


3ba0eb639b.jpg - 23181

Hyper Reality

Technique: photography (digital files – 10 pieces), edition 1/3
Date: 2014
7b3dfe6c70.jpg - 17520

Red Flag Factory

Technique: video
Measurement: 13 min 40 s, edition 3/8
Date: 2002