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OKNOPLAST FOR ART. International Art Competition

OKNOPLAST FOR ART. International Art Competition

Published at:25.11.2022

The international competition for artists organised by the OKNOPLAST Group and MOCAK was launched!

The winners will receive a grand prize of EUR 8,000 and two distinction prizes of EUR 2,000. The winning works will also be presented in an exhibition at MOCAK.

The task in the competition is to create – using any technique – an artwork design based on the window,  a representation of which, with its technical specification, is attached in the form of a CAD file and PDF file as appendix to the Rules and Terms of the Competition.

The competition is open to artists, i.e. students, graduates and post-graduates of the academies of fine arts or other art academies, as well as artists who have not completed a course of (art) study, but who have documented their artistic activity in the form of a portfolio. The competition is also open to artistic groups or artists who jointly submit one entry. To take part in the competition, you must be resident in the European Union. For more information, please see the competition rules >>

The deadline for submissions is 11.59 pm on 27 February 2023.

Prof. Andrzej Bednarczyk, Maria Anna Potocka, PhD, Andrzej Starmach, Anda Rottenberg and Edyta Kurpiel-Placek form the jury which will appraise the artists’ works.

Competition Rules and Terms >>

Competition website >>

OKNOPLAST Group is now a MOCAK Patron. The collaboration was launched on 10 October 2022 with the international conference Hello OKNOPLAST 2022.

‘Art is best served by patronage supported by a shared symbol. And the work of art is a window onto a world which we incapable of seeing for ourselves. MOCAK and OKNOPLAST thus share a common ground, on which we shall build a great deal together’, said MOCAK Director Maria Anna Potocka.

  • What are the stages of creating a competition entry?
1. Firstly please read the contest rules and FAQ.
2. Creating a project - visualization of the competition entry and description of the leitmotif of the competition entry. In order to create a visualization, the artist downloads a window file from the https://bit.ly/3GVzAv5 downloads section. Then the visualization (in the form of a graphic design, collage, drawing sketch or sketch made using mixed technique) is sent to the organizers using the application form in jpg, pdf or other format indicated on the competition website.
At this stage, visualization is enough, we are not yet creating work on a real window.
3. In the next stage, the Jury will award three final artworks. Organizer will send a real window (one piece) to the winners, on which they will make a project in accordance with the visualization sent earlier. The final works will be presented at an official conference and exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK.

  • How can an artist create a graphic file superimposed on the form of a window and then present it at the exhibition?
The artist downloads the window file from the downloads section of the https://bit.ly/3GVzAv5.
Then the visualization (in the form of a graphic design, collage, drawing sketch or sketch made using mixed technique – in each case, the concept of the project must be legible for the jury evaluating it) is sent to the organizers using the application form. If he or she wins, then reproduces the concept on a real window, delivered to artist studio by the Organizer. After applying the visualization, the winning window is transported to the MOCAK Museum in Krakow.

  • How should the competition work be made?
In the first stage, the artist creates a visualization of the project in any graphic format. Such a project is to provide the Jury of the competition with information about what the final work will look like. Such a job offer is sent in pdf, jpg, etc. format. to the organizers of the competition. The jury selects the best ideas from among the proposals, and the artist translates his vision into a real window. In the first stage of the competition, we do NOT create a work on a real window! We only create a visualization.

  • What should the project visualization look like?
All forms of visualization are allowed; it will help the jury to understand the idea of the work and the way the artist plans to perform the work on a real window. Various forms of representation are allowed: graphic designs, collages, 3d renders, drawing sketches or sketches made using mixed technique – in each case, the concept of the project must be legible for the jurors evaluating it and use the window as the material on which the work will be made. Regardless of the technique, the final uploaded files should be saved in one of the following formats: jpg, pdf, png, psd, tiff, while packages of files in rar or zip formats.

  • Can I make a work project or winning work on canvas or other material?
No. The work project (visualization) is made on a mock-up of the window, available in downloads on the competition website. If we receive information that our work has won, OKNOPLAST delivers real windows to 3 artists. Only then do we translate our vision into the window provided to us. The window is a canvas to express your creativity. We can compare it to creating a new collection of bottles or other utility objects – the artist finally transfers the project to the product, i.e. to a real window.

  • What does it mean that a window cannot be destroyed?
The window must not be destroyed. Broken glass, violation of the structure of the window frame in a way that will prevent the use of the window are unacceptable. The window must not be covered with symbols that promote hatred or offend the feelings of others (including religious feelings).

  • How to use a window as an element of art?
The artist can in any way turn a window into a work of art, but without destroying its structure. Any artistic technique can be subjected to the window frame, the window itself, glazing units in the middle of the window. You can paint the selected motif on the window, place the selected installation between the panes, you can create a handle or window frame design. You can develop all the spaces available in the window, but after that the window must still be usable and its mechanisms must not be damaged.

  • Does the design have to include glass?
No, the artist has freedom of creation - the design is not limited by the use of glass panes. The concept may assume the removal of glass for the purpose of implementing an artistic idea. If such a concept wins, OKNOPLAST will provide a window without glass.

  • Is it permissible to stick canvas on the glass?
Yes, the entire surface and all elements of the window are at the artist's disposal – you can glue, paint, engrave on them – the technique is arbitrary. The condition is that the window after the work retains its basic shape and functions (it can be opened, closed).

  • Will I get a window to complete the project?
The artist first creates a visualization of the project and sends it to the Organizer using the application form. The creators of the three winning projects will receive from the Organizer windows to perform their work. In the first stage of the competition, we create a project conceptually, in any form that allows us to visualize its final form, and not on a real window.

  • If I win, will OKNOPLAST (after agreement) deconstruct the glass panes and unnecessary elements for the project, which will allow me to install my work?
OKNOPLAST can advise how to dismantle certain elements, but the artist must do all the work alone.