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Bjørn Nørgaard

(born 1947)

Sculpture, artistic action, drawing, architecture, design. The artist’s early works had a provocative and critical character, providing a shocking commentary on the social and political situation of the time. His later works can be divided into two groups. The numerous monuments and designs for textiles dedicated to Margrethe II of Denmark are strongly linked to their historical context. In an idiosyncratic way, he interprets Danish history and its legacy through an accumulation of images. The second group are works that use familiar images – taken both from art (Venus de Milo) or pop culture (Mickey Mouse) – to provide a topical commentary on how the art of the past functions in the contemporary world, or on the relationship between European and American culture.

bd9fb3e127.jpg - 22871

Recycling Art

Technique: installation
Measurement: 220 × 160 × 80 cm
Date: 2016