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//Neighbourhood Picnic//. MOCAK at the Stacja Wisła park

Neighbourhood Picnic. MOCAK at the Stacja Wisła park

08.06.2019 at 11 am – 6 pm

Published at:03.06.2019

On Saturday, 8 June, 11 am – 6 pm, at the Stacja Wisła Park in Zabłocie, MOCAK will be part of the programme of the Krakow Picnic. Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in several attractions prepared by the Museum in connection with the Nature in Art exhibition:

  • Launch of the social campaign Reusable

Participants will be able to sow reusable sacks to replace plastic bags when buying fruit and veggies.

  • Art At Your Fingertips. Explore artworks presented at the Nature in Art exhibition

Many of the artworks displayed almost beg to be touched, thanks to their textures and materials used. At the Art At Your Fingertips workshop, you will be able to touch samples of the materials from which the artworks were made. Each participant will also get a map that will allow them to find these artworks at the Nature in Art exhibition.

  • Let’s read about nature!

The open-air library will offer selected publications connected with the themes explored by Nature in Art. The remaining volumes, available also for borrowing, can be found at the MOCAK Library, Building B.


All attractions are free-access, no booking required.