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MOCAK Studio. //Roman Ingarden: Philosopher and Photographer//

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MOCAK Studio. Roman Ingarden: Philosopher and Photographer

Published at:12.08.2020

MOCAK and RMF Classic invite you to attend a series of discussions devoted to Roman Ingarden – which accompanies the exhibition Philosopher and Photographer – with the participation of people who in various ways were related to the prominent Polish philosopher.

Each part of the series will be broadcast on InstagramTV @mocak_krakow, MOCAK Facebook and MOCAK YouTube.
Duration of each broadcast: approx. 10 min

The exhibition Roman Ingarden: Philosopher and Photographer runs until 27 September.

PART 1: Krzysztof Ingarden

Part 1 takes us to the architecture studio of Professor Krzysztof Ingarden. He recalls childhood memories related to his grandfather Roman Ingarden. He will reveal which photographs bring back the most emotions for him.

PART 2: Sebastian Stankiewicz

In Part 2, the philosopher and art historian Sebastian Stankiewicz whill share his reflections on what we can learn about Roman Ingarden from the photographs he took. And he will answer the question whether Ingarden’s philosophy and photography are connected – and if so, then how.

PART 3: Wojciech Wilczyk

In Part 3, the photographer, poet and essayist Wojciech Wilczyk will take a close look at Roman Ingarden photographs and his photographic methods. He will reflect on whether the philosopher was observant about the reality around him and could encapsulate it in a well-structured frame, commenting on the pleasure that can be derived from looking at these photographs.

PART 4: Marlena Nikody

In Part 4, the curator Marlena Nikody will talk about the concept that guided the selection of the photographs for the exhibition, and discuss Ingarden’s creative style. She will also look at the challenges posed by the organisation of a photographic exhibition.

PART 5: Leszek Sosnowski

Part 5 will take us to the Collegium Novum of the Jagiellonian University. The philosopher Professor Leszek Sosnowski [1] will talk about Roman Ingarden as a pedagogue. He will also mention people and places in Krakow linked to Roman Ingarden.

[1] Director of the research project ‘The Roman Ingarden Digital Archive

PART 6: Maria Anna Potocka

In the final Part 6 of the series, the MOCAK director Maria Anna Potocka will explain why the Museum has exhibited the photographs by Roman Ingarden. She will also highlight the Museum’s intention to reveal the philosopher as an outstanding photographer.