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MOCAK named a Kid-Friendly Place

MOCAK named a Kid-Friendly Place

Published at:07.10.2014

Since 2006 there has been a continuing effort to produce a map of Krakow whichconcentrates on places that parents can enjoy when they arrive with a small child in tow, without feeling that they are putting anybody out. The institutions that have taken part in the project include cafés, restaurants, cinemas, galleries, museums and businesses as well as other venues including cultural institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary art in Krakow.

The places that have been awarded the certificate take into account the needs of children as well as parents and guardians and try to provide for all of them comfortable conditions and also various improvements and attractions. This year’s edition of the award is the 9th and was devoted to the disabled.

The reasons given for awarding the certificate to MOCAK read as follows:

MOCAK – the Mighty Museum

Not every exhibition is suitable for children, but you cannot go wrong when bringing a baby. In the bathroom for the disabled there is a space for changing nappies and a small stool for the little ones. One of the studios has been adapted for children and children’s workshops and events take place there. And there are quite a few of them (WHAT DOES ‘THEM’ REFER TO?????) in MOCAK. In MOCAK Café and in the reading room there are also children’s corners.

The action has been organised by: PR Inspiration Agency, Gazeta Wyborcza and the  Wrota Małopolski web page.
Media Patrons: Telewizja Kraków, Radio KFK.FM, Kids in Kraków and Miasto Dzieci. 
Honorary sponsor: the Mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski and the Marshal of Malopolska, Marek Sowa