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Mini Guided Tour in English: //Con(text)ual: Writing as an Art Form//

Mini Guided Tour in English: Con(text)ual: Writing as an Art Form

08.08.2020 at 11 am

Published at:20.07.2020

On Saturday 8 August at 11 noon, MOCAK invites you for a Mini Guided Tour in English entitled: Con(text)ual: Writing as an Art Form.

How can language, philology, semantics and words inform a visual piece of art or serve as a unique work of art? Join us in analysing and contextualising examples of art that employ the written word.

The Mini Guided Tours will be led by Joanna Pottle – an American visual artist, researcher, educator, and recent US Fulbright alumna residing in Krakow and collaborating with MOCAK.

Admission included in the price of ticket. Pre-booking required at edukacja@mocak.pl or (+) 48 12 263 40 36 (Tuesday–Saturday 11 am–7 pm). The event will be held in English in small groups (up to 7 people) and according to MOCAK Visitors’ Guidelines.
Please arrive at the MOCAK Reception 5 minutes before the guided tour. Estimated duration of the tour: 30-45 min.