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Mariusz Tarkawian

(b. 1983)

Drawing, comics, animation. In his art, he acts as a self-appointed futurologist and documentalist of the artworld. Using the stylistics of cartoons, he preserves the works of other artists – both existing and invented. His humorous and ironic drawings are a quick register of mundane events. The artist treats these situational records as a manner of absorbing reality, a form of reflection and commentary thereon. He also pushes the boundaries of the media used, making animations.

123 works from MOCAK Collection

Technique: pen / paper
Measurement: 69,7 × 100 cm
Date: 2016

Too Little Love in Polish Contemporary Art Galleries

Technique: pencil / paper
Measurement: 21 × 29 cm each
Date: 2014

Tribute to Robert Mapplethorp

Technique: pencil / paper
Measurement: 70 × 100 cm
Date: 2014