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//Krzysztof Niemczyk. Przypadek twórczy// – event which is part of the 18th Book Fair in Krakow

Krzysztof Niemczyk. Przypadek twórczy – event which is part of the 18th Book Fair in Krakow

25.10.2014 at 4 pm

Published at:05.10.2014

On Saturday 25 October at 4 pm come to the encounter dedicated to the figure of  Krzysztof Niemczyk, an uncompromising, independent artist. With the participation of:  Monika Niemczyk – Krzysztof Niemczyk’s sister and Józef Chrobak. The event will be hosted by Maria Anna Potocka MOCAK Director.

Krzysztof Niemczyk (1938–1994) – a legendary Krakow artist: writer, painter, pianist, performer, he created off-beam artistic actions. He was part of those close to the Foksal Gallery and Krzysztofory Gallery and a friend of Tadeusz Kantor and Henryk Stażewski. Son of the violinist Wacław Niemczyk, brother of the actress Monika Niemczyk and nephew of the actor Leon Niemczyk. He was part of the alternative artistic circuit. He would promenade around the city with a wooden bird on his arm or cardboard wings attached to his shirt. He was frank about being bisexual and frequently bared his body in his situationist actions. He was arrested a number of times and placed in a psychiatric hospital, due to his scandalous lifestyle.

The book Krzysztof Niemczyk. Przypadek twórczy (Krzysztof Niemczyk: The Artist’s Syndrome) will come out in the second part of November. It will be a selection of reminiscences of people close to the artist (e.g., Anka Ptaszkowska, Adam Komorowski, Aleksander Wilkoń and Zbigniew Warpechowski), including a text by Maria Anna Potocka, examining the artistic phenomenon that Niemczyk was, as well as two short stories by Niemczyk, out of print since 1964 and a fragment of his novel The Courtesan and the Little Chicks, which was published in the artist’s lifetime, a timeline and ample photographic documentation.

The session will be conducted in Polish.