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Art Competition for a work produced in the style of Julian Opie

Art Competition for a work produced in the style of Julian Opie


Published at:10.10.2014

Visit the exhibition of world-famous British artist Julian Opie and send us a self-portrait made by you inspired by the artist’s distinctive style.

The participant’s task is to produce a self-portrait, employing digital techniques in the style of Julian Opie. The work should contain graphic elements similar to those used by the artist, with his characteristic simplicity and reducing features to the bare minimum. The work must be produced by the entrant alone.

An example of the work in question is the artist’s self-portrait Julian. 2012, which can be viewed at MOCAK as part of the exhibition Julian Opie: Sculptures, Paintings, Films.

Anyone can participate in the competition. Please send your work to mocak@mocak.pl in the format of a jpg, png or gif file.

Works produced as a series of portraits (3 minimum) in the gif format or as a video file will have an enhanced chance of succeeding.

The deadline for sending in the entries: 9 November 2014.
The Museum will announce the results on 12 November 2014 on its web page.

The authors of the 10 works selected as the best will receive a copy of theexhibition catalogue and a set of MOCAK art objects.

Julian Opie, Julian., 2012

The authorts of the awarded works:
Marta Zabłocka, Albin Talik, Anna Paluch, Elwira Małyszko, Joanna Dydyńska, Łucja Piątkowska, Basia Łukasik, Marta Frej, Barbara Wojnar, Barbara Świtek


Elwira Małyszko (animation)

Other works: