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Józef Robakowski

(b. 1939)

Film, video, photography, installation, drawing, video performance. He was active in the Oko and Krąg artistic groups and was a co-founder of the legendary Film Form Workshop. In his experimental films he studies language and the tools of the media. He aspires to the purging of alien elements such as anecdote from the form. He created a series of films showing the relation between author and medium. He also links the analysis of the formal language of the media with social themes.

2d2b4480bc.jpg - 24339


Technique: film
Measurement: 5 min 42 s
Date: 1971
2a59bcb989.jpg - 24344

Disturbed Space…

Technique: film
Measurement: 6 min 18 s
Date: 1975/1976
f9c34401af.jpg - 24343

Dynamic Rectangle

Technique: film
Measurement: 2 min 26 s
Date: 1971/1972
ceb656291a.jpg - 24340


Technique: film
Measurement: 4 min 20 s
Date: 1972/1973
86ed58e73d.jpg - 24305

From My Window

Technique: film
Measurement: 19 min 5 s
Date: 1978-1999
Józef Robakowski, a frame from the film I Am Going..., 1973

I Am Going...

Technique: film, transfer from a 35 mm film reel
Measurement: 3 min
Date: 1973
c60f2c06d1.jpg - 24345


Technique: film
Measurement: 4 min 39 s
Date: 1970
7aff81709e.jpg - 24341

My film

Technique: film
Measurement: 3 min 15 s
Date: 1974
20dfd9f6c5.jpg - 24348


Technique: film
Measurement: 3 min 41 s
Date: 1972
63a65e3d3a.jpg - 24346

Test 1

Technique: film
Measurement: 5 min 24 s
Date: 1971