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International Video Art Review THE 02

International Video Art Review THE 02

05.04.2014 at 17

Published at:21.03.2014

On 5th and 6th April we would like to invite you to premiere screenings as part of Video Art Review THE 02.

Saturday, 5th April, 5 pm – special screening: Roger Ballen, Patrick Jolley, Kasumi, Konrad Kuzyszyn, Melanie Manchot, Julika Rudelius, Fabio Scacchioli, Łukasz Surowiec, Salla Tykkä

Sunday, 6th April, 5 pm – contest screening: films qualified for the final

The aim of Video Art Review THE 02 is to show the general public various ways of employing motion picture to create an artistic message.

The formula of the event comprises a special screening of films by renowned artists, such as Roger Ballen or Salla Tykkä and a contest screening of works selected from among the submissions that had been sent in. 656 portfolios from young artists from around the world have been received. The jury, consisting of  Katarzyna Kozyra, Kasumi, Konrad Kuzyszyn, Casilda Sanchez, Artur Tajber and Zoran Todorović will select the best video.

The Review shows different strategies of exploiting the medium of video, which happens to be subject to different visual languages, different visual structures and forms of evoking meaning. Video art, which historically stems directly from Nam June Paik's installations, is currently associated with many different kinds of motion picture. This transformation of the term, which is challeneged by some theorists, makes it very difficult to pinpoint some characteristics common for all the works originating within the field. In terms of form, most artists draw inspiration from  cinematic genres, documentary, animated or feature film rather than experimenting directly with the image and language of artistic expression. Video may also become a means of purely recording an arranged or observed situation or performance. Artists reach for found footage technique, which consits in creating new works from appropriated materials as well.

Participation in the event is free.

For more information visit: www.thevideocommunity.com