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//Guido Casaretto: The Ghosts of Matter//

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Guido Casaretto: The Ghosts of Matter

Published at:30.01.2020

'The Ghosts of Matter' exhibition catalogueCatalogue accompanying Guido Casaretto The Ghosts of Matter exhibition is now available from MOCAK Bookstore and online. As well as photographs of works by Guido Casaretto, the publication contains an interview with the artist and essays on the different aspects of his art, such as the creation of illusions, the relationship between the original and a copy of the work, and the creative transformation of matter and elements of culture.

languages: Polish, English
managing editor: Agnieszka Sachar
texts: Evrim Altuğ, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Bettina Klein, Maria Anna Potocka, Agnieszka Sachar (including the interwiev with Guido Casaretto)
translation: Naz Beșcan, Anda MacBride, İlksen Mavituna, Erik Smith, Magda Witkowska
design, DTP: Rafał Sosin
format: 210 × 270 mm
no. of pages: 160
ISBN: 978-83-65851-28-4
Krakow 2019

The book has been published to accompany the exhibition:
Guido Casaretto The Ghosts of Matter
curator: Agnieszka Sachar
MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

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Guido Casaretto

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