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Guided tour of the Julian Opie exhibition

Guided tour of the Julian Opie exhibition

18.01.2015 at 12 noon

Published at:19.12.2014

On Sunday 18 at 12 noon we would like to invite you to a guided tour of the exhibition Sculptures, Paintings, Films with the participation of curator Delfina Jałowik.

In this exhibition by one of the most renowned contemporary British artists, MOCAK will be presenting new works, the majority of which have been prepared especially for the exhibition in Krakow. The overall theme is individuals and the nature that surrounds them.
Julian Opie has created his own way of drawing, characterised by its sparse line and simplicity. The artist has invested with new meaning the traditional media that appear in the title of the exhibition – sculptures, paintings and films, combining them with a generous use of electronic media.

Admission included in the price of the ticket. No need to pre-book. The tour will be in Polish.