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MOCAK is embarking on work on films devoted to the history and identity of  Zabłocie – a district of Krakow which has undergone radical changes in the recent years; the environment in which the building of the museum will be located. We have invited Maciej Miezian, a Krakow historian of art and journalist.

The film presents the Zabłocie district through its particular streets, buildings and richly detailed stories, which all contribute to its unique character. Zabłocie As Found highlights the changes that this industrial area of Krakow went through on the eve of the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Title: Zabłocie zastane / Zabłocie As Found
Duration: 16’
Director: Adam Uryniak
Camera: Adam Uryniak, Łukasz Bursa, Artur Michalik
Script: Maciej Miezian
Produced: 2010

"Zabłocie zastane" / "Zabłocie As Found"