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//Posters – poems//

Posters – poems

Published at:25.06.2013

The MOCAK Library would like to invite you to the exhibition Posters – Poems, a display of Ryszard Krynicki’s poetic posters. These so-called ‘museums of poems’ were arranged by the author himself to present his personal anthology.

The exhibition is just one of the events organised during Ryszard Krynicki’s jubilee RK’70. This outstanding Polish poet, translator and publisher celebrated his 70th birthday this year.

Krynicki is not only a poet but also a bibliophile and a seasoned book collector. He designs covers for poetry books and runs his own publishing house.

Krynicki about his works

Long ago, when I was very young, I used to copy poems that were important to me. What I do now is like returning to my younger self, although I no longer copy these poems by hand. I try to make duplicates, in this case by screen printing, which still has some element of handicraft in it. I used to copy poems just for myself, now I do this also for other readers, for readers as such. So from the thousands, maybe even millions of poems I choose one with a simple message and hope that someone sees it. This is my message: ‘Look at this beautiful, wise poem, one and only, unique’.

Exhibition date: 26.06.2013 – 31.08.2013
Co-ordinator: Magdalena Mazik