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Published at:21.12.2015

On Monday 21 December you can see the documentary EVA & ADELE. GESAMTKUNSTWERK, which will be broadcast in Videogalerie w TVP Kultura at 11:55 pm.

EVA & ADELE. GESAMTKUNSTWERK, 2015, video, 25 min, MOCAK Collection
made by: Delfina Jałowik, Adam Uryniak

Eva and Adele have been married for years. Without any need for a sex change operation, Eva was granted the legal status of a woman, which enabled the couple to enter into a same-sex marriage. Both artists have evolved their artistic strategy together. They are both bald, as men are. They always appear dressed in identical female clothes. In their conceptual acts, they have taken the aesthetics of camp to the height of sublime kitsch. EVA & ADELE appear at the openings of the most important artistic events in the world – documenta, biennale, art fairs – and they allow themselves to be photographed by anybody. They collect the Polaroids in which they pose with their fans. Some of these inspire paintings. Their public appearances require hours of preparation and tremendous discipline in keeping track of the stock of their costumes and accessories. The film made by MOCAK reveals these preparations and the backstage of this unusual artistic modus operandi.