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Mobile Application MOCAK Cube

Published at:11.12.2015

Mobile application MOCAK Cube has been inspired by the MOCAK Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. It is based on the principles of a game and gives users an opportunity to get to know works of art. The users will be able to see works by Rafał Bujnowski, Oskar Dawicki and Laura Pawela and view the five-and six-dimensional cuboid s Professor Mieczysław Porębski. The application is available on Android Smartphones (from version 4.4 upwards) and There is a version available for mobile devices equipped with the iOS system. There is also a browser-based version.

The user has to perform five tasks, related to works of contemporary artists. There is a set of instructions before each task, and further instructions will appear if the user clicks on the INFO icon. At the higher levels of the game, the user can expect some surprises and unusual twists in the action. To some of these, the user will be able to find their own solution.

This is a game for both young people and adults. Thanks to the browser-based version, teachers can use the application during lessons at school and in workshops equipped with computers. The game is a great introduction to a visit in the Museum, and it provides a user-friendly way to interest the young viewer in contemporary art.

Adults will also find it rewarding to take up the challenge of the moderately difficult tasks. For those who succeed there will be free tickets to the Museum.  The application has been equipped with a function that enables the user to share their creative efforts and the fun they are having in getting to know the world of art with their friends and family.

Over the next few years, the application will be expanded with further tasks related to the Museum programme. And there is plenty of inspiration, since MOCAK Collection now comprises over 4 000 works by 200 artists. The institution aims to demonstrate viewers who are not art professionals that art is an important tool in getting to understand the world. The Museum is planning competitions for ideas on which to base future tasks in the game.

The application has been created by our education team that also promotes art. And visitors to the Museum have also had an input into making the game! Our special thanks go to the participants of the conceptual workshops Applications and Games about Contemporary Art, which took place at MOCAK on 25 May 2015.


Android Smartphones (from version 4.4 upwards)

The browser version of the app >>>

The browser version of the app contains limited functionality tasks, completing which will not be awarded with a ticket to the Museum.