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Edward Dwurnik (1943–2018)

Published at:30.10.2018

Edward Dwurnik, an outstanding artist and our friend, died on 28 October 2018.

His Battle of Grunwald and a series of sketches for the painting was the substantive part of the first MOCAK exhibition to be shown at Wawel Castle, in 2010. We have also shown Edward Dwurnik’s paintings many times at exhibitions from the series Civilisation in Art.

The shape of Edward Dwurnik’s painting and drawing had been inspired by Nikifor. However, Dwurnik adopted his own, unique perspective on the world. Apart from his ‘of cities, Dwurnik also created images of human types and works of political significance, referring to specific events from the communist period.

In the MOCAK Collection we have the following paintings by Edward Dwurnik: Hunting a Dangerous Villain (1982), Krakow Folks, Show Us What You've Got (2005), Masza (2006), Batowice (2009) and the series of 16 sketches for the painting The Battle of Grunwald and The Prussian Homage (2010). In the current edition of the exhibition, the viewers are able to see the work Batowice (2009).