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Debate: //Right To Space//

Debate: Right To Space

13.12.2013 at 6 pm

Published at:06.12.2013

More and more often do we hear outcries about the catastrophic state
of Polish public space. However, quite often change cannot happen because various side of the ‘game’ of city management have no common language. Such conversation tools are provided, in a clear and accessible manner, by the book Anty-Bezradnik. Prawo do miasta w działaniu [Anti-Helpless. Right to City in Action] written by Lech Mergler, Kacper Pobłocki and Maciej Wudarski (full version available online: http://publica.pl/teksty/anty-bezradnik-wydany).

Therefore, together with the editorial team of the ‘Autoportret’ quarterly we would like to invite you to MOCAK for a debate on the right to the city in practice, on social participation, democracy, politics, conflicts and space, joined by Lech Mergler (My-Poznaniacy association, co-author of Anty-Bezradnik) and Paweł Hałat (Przestrzeń-Ludzie-Miasto association). The session will be animated by Dorota Leśniak-Rychlak (editor-in-chief of ‘Autoportret’).

The ‘Autoportret’ magazine focuses on space as a cultural phenomenon, even thou it always roots its deliberations in physical space. The editors underline that intellectual contemplation and discussion are not enough: it is important to take actions leading to positive change in cities and empowering citizens to make decisions about the space in which they live, regardless of its scale.