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Daniel Spoerri

(b. 1930)                                                                                                                                          Assemblage, object, installation. An artist linked to Fluxus and a co-creator of new realism. In his works, he uses concrete ready-mades, postulating in this way a bond between art and everyday life. Spoerri has shot to fame as the author of his Eat Art ‘picture traps’, compositions made of the left- over of meals eaten, which the artist glues down in the very place where they had been consumed. Hung vertically on walls, they form realistic still life works and inspire reflection about the passing of things. The concept of Eat Art reappears in Spoerri’s happenings, created with the collaboration of other artists, in which he arranges banquets for invited visitors with art critics acting as waiters.

51146e91e0.jpg - 22800

Der Zerschnittene

Technique: object
Measurement: 134 × 102 × 30 cm
Date: 2014
e99571e8e3.jpg - 11324

The Seville Series No. 16

Technique: assemblage
Measurement: 80 × 160 × 40 cm
Date: 1991