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//Design-generation I-XLI//

Design-generation I-XLI

Artist: Piotr Blamowski
Technique: movie
Measurement: 42 min 34 s
Date: 2010-2014

Design‑generation is a series of short films made using the conventions of the advertising industry. Since 2010, the artist has made over 40; they have numbers rather than titles. IV is a story of worship of Brad Pitt. The female protagonist uses a pillow that she has made herself with Brad Pitt’s picture on it as a substitute for the object of her adoration. As the soundtrack for the film, Blamowski has used the Russian folk song Kalinka, the quickly intensifying pace of which mirrors the action. Blamowski’s films tend to have absurd and often tragic endings. The artist demonstrates how the symbol itself acquires an active role and power to act; thus there is a price to be paid for using it.