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//1953// – Performance Programme International Art Festival

1953 – Performance Programme International Art Festival


Published at:29.04.2013

1953 – Performance Programme

You are welcome to a two-part performance which will take place at MOCAK on 6 and 7 May as part of INTERACTIONS the International Art Festival.

Monday 6 May, 6.30 pm
– Seiji Shimoda, Roi Vaara, Artur Tajber –performance programme part 1
Presentations of individual performances of three artists of the same generation, although born in different countries and cultures. Since the late 1980s, they have been meeting up more and more frequently, taking up various forms of joint project work. The programme allows for improvisation and group initiatives, including interaction with the public.

Tuesday 7 May, 6 pm
– Jaap Blonk, Seiji Shimoda, Roi Vaara, Artur Tajber –performance program part 2
The second day will begin with a concert performance by Jaap Blonk. In the second part, besides the performances, there will also be a presentation of documentary films by all four artists.

Entry free