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World Refugee Day at MOCAK

World Refugee Day at MOCAK


Published at:18.06.2021

Twentieth of June is World Refugee Day. To mark the occasion, we have prepared a ticket supplement in the form of an educational insert by Pamela Bożek. This insert, which comes from the latest issue of MOCAK Forum, takes the form of a colouring book, which the artist has drawn up on the basis of the photograph Arriving on Lesbos, taken by Serge Ponomariov.

Pamela Bożek – artist and activist. Publisher and editor of the quarterly Wiza-Vis, co-created by refugees in Poland. Its goal is to share privileges, give voice and visibility to marginalised groups, and provide a platform for mutual support in the area of art and NGOs. Facilitator of the post-artistic bookbinding initiative Notesy z Łukowa, which provides financial support to refugee women in Poland.