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Workshops with Shinji Ogawa //The Circle of Time - Krakow//

Workshops with Shinji Ogawa The Circle of Time - Krakow

28th May 2011 the members of the Association ‘Wiosna’ took part in the workshop The Circle of Time – Krakow sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. This was the first of the series of educational workshops which will accompany the exhibition History in Art.

The creator of the workshop was the Japanese artist Shinji Ogawa who led the workshop himself. The Polish audience already had the opportunity to get to know Ogawa’s work in the exhibition Perverse Realism, which took place in the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery in Krakow in 2008.

This event provided a unique opportunity to give Polish children contact with the emminent artist and to be able to create – together with Ogawa – work which would symbolically express the fusion of the many different ways to experience time and space.

The workshop started with a meeting with the artist. The children had an opportunity to talk to Ogawa and to see his works shown at the exhibition History in Art. Next, under Shinji Ogawa’s supervision, they went on to produce works showing the Krakow of the past and of the future. Each participant talked about his or her completed work and was photographed with his creation.

From the 5th June 2011, you can see Shinji Ogawa's installation The Circle of Time – Krakow. Its inherent focus are the works of the children which the artist had integrated into a single entity –  to symbolise the circle of time.

The workshop took place in Polish. Miho Iwata, a Japanese artist who lives in Poland, acted as a translator.

Shinji Ogawa (born 1959 in Yamaguchi) – a Japanese artist. In 1983 graduated from the Department of Artistic Education of the University in Mie. His works can be found in the collections to be found at: Okazaki Mindscape Museum, Archi; The National Museum of Art, Osaka; The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga; Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Tokai City.