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//Window of Memory//. An object commemorating Kristallnacht

Window of Memory. An object commemorating Kristallnacht

Published at:30.10.2018

On the initiative of MOCAK, Lurje Schaina and Josephina Memorial Foundation Inc and the Center for Persecuted Arts in Solingen, the object Window of Memory was created to commemorate Kristallnacht of 9 November 1938.

Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) was a harbinger of the Holocaust. The pogrom showed that a section of German society had been primed with hatred and ready to act. After several years of Nazi propaganda, the Jews had been successfully dehumanised. Kristallnacht – symbolised by broken glass – stands for the dehumanisation of human beings. The Window of Memory is intended to forewarn against this crime.

The object is available from MOCAK Bookstore >>