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//Where Are You, Santa Claus?//

Where Are You, Santa Claus?

On the 6th of December 2011, the workshop for children called  Where Are You, Santa Claus?  took place in MOCAK. The session started with the kids setting out in search of Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, in the exhibition space of the Museum. While looking at selected works from the MOCAK Collection, the little viewers tried to imagine what a contemporary Santa Claus might look like, whether he would be likely to visit the Museum and what he would be up to in his free time, when not distributing gifts. It turned out that amongst the artists whose works are exhibited in the Museum, there are quite a few… maybe not quite Santa Clauses, and not very saintly, either, but, at least – Nicholases, that’s for sure …

In the second part of the workshop, the kids took on the role of Santa’s helpers. In the MOCAK Café, they designed and decorated gift boxes for Christmas presents for their nearest and dearest.

Check out the photos from this fun event!