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//What Is Contemporary Work of Art Made Of?//

What Is Contemporary Work of Art Made Of?

On November 30th 2013 another educational project organised in collaboration with The Foundation of University for Children was launched at MOCAK. Lectures titled Plate, Sweater and Budgie. Ordinary Objects in Extraordinary Works took place as part of the project. They were followed by a series of workshops What is Contemporary Work of Art Made Of?, which lasted several weeks.
During the workshops the participants familiarised themselves with the works of contemporary artists who use everyday objects to make art. This allowed the young students to learn about different means of artistic expression. During the discussion on this subject some questions emerged, such as "Who is an artist?", "Can everybody become an artist?" or "What is contemporary art?" Having seen works of art created from the title 'everyday objects', the participants of the workshops were asked to create their own collection of works of art with the use of everyday objects. The collection was displayed at MOCAK on the same day.