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//What Does a Conservator Do?//

What Does a Conservator Do?

On 24 September 2011, at 2 pm, as part of the 10th Podgórze Open Days, the doors of the MOCAK conservator also opened. Those who came had the opportunity to see places normally out of bounds for visitors, as well as to learn the professional secrets of Zofia Kerneder – a conservator of contemporary art. Occasionally, the conservator takes place in the creative process of the making of a work of art, especially in the case of contemorary work.

Having viewed the exhibition, the participants could find out how the works in the Museum's Collection had been made as well as to learn the secrets of the conservator's workshop. It turned out that everyday objects – an iron, a jar, a grater or a knife – are also indispensable in the curator's work. Next, the MOCAK visitors for a moment themselves stepped into the shoes of a conservator, for instance preparing a canvas or specialist glue – the making of which was quite like a culinary session!

Please visit our Photgallery, where you can view photos from the session!