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Week of Culture Without Barriers at MOCAK

Week of Culture Without Barriers at MOCAK


Published at:21.09.2015

As part of the Week of Culture Without Barriers all persons interested in experiencing art with  senses other than sight are invited to come to MOCAK to participate in workshops and a discussion panel. The senses traditionally divide into the distant ones – sight and hearing and close ones (the so-called contact senses) – touch, smell and taste. The cognition gained by means of the former was for a long time deemed to be more worthy and linked to artistic experiences. Contemporary art makes it possible to re-evaluate these opinions.

26th September 2015

Close Senses, Distant Senses
1.30–3 pm

Both blind and sighted persons are invited to participate in the workshops based on close senses, which will enable us to experience art in an unconventional way. Please, register by phone: 12 263 40 44 or e-mail: edukacja@mocak.pl.

Feel Art
3–4.30 pm

Right after the workshops take part in a session in which we will talk about experiencing art non-visually. During the event you will be able to familiarise yourself with the educational materials for visually impaired people developed by MOCAK, like the unique typhlographics made by the students at the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford as part of the Public Exchange project or a tactile

palette created by MOCAK's Education Department, as well as exhibition catalogues adapted to the needs of the blind. Experts from MOCAK, including Zofia Kerneder, a contemporary art restorer and author of audio description, and the invited guests will take part in the event. We will also present two short films documenting the workshops from the series Touch Art, whose participants were Rafał Bujnowski and Robert Kuśmirowski.

Please feel invited!