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//Voices in the Night//

Voices in the Night

12.12.2011 at 17.00

Published at:09.12.2011

Voices in the Night
A special showing of the stage production of an essay by Stanisław Brzozowski
directed by: Agnieszka Jakimiak
Monday 12 December 2011 at 5 pm

In his In the Night, Brzozowski uncompromisingly revises not only the romantic tradition, but also concepts of art and the author. He turns out to be a precursor of a particular approach to the shaping of the consciousness and subjectivity within the area of art and creativity. That is why Voices – reflective essays on European romanticism, the goals of literary criticism and literature itself – help us to identify the ways in which the individual emerges – faced with and in opposition to history, society and contemporaneity. We can see how, within a certain narrative, the narrator reveals himself as well as the person that is the subject of the narrative.

Directed and adapted by: Agnieszka Jakimiak
Stage design: Agata Baumgart
With: Dagna Dywicka, Małgorzata Gorol, Tomasz Nosinski, Mateusz Trembaczowski

The spectacle was created as part of the Theatre Institute’s project Brzozowski: Entry Free. Curator: Paweł Sztarbowski
Co-operation: Political Critique – the Club in Krakow