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//Using Photography in Promotion// – training

Using Photography in Promotion – training

03.06.2014 at 1 pm

Published at:02.06.2014

On Tuesday 3rd June at 1 pm MOCAK together with Kancerlaria Lasssota i Partnerzy as well as the Malopolska Institute of Culture would like to invite you to a free training Using Photography in Promotion. The event is a part of Krakow Photo Fringe 2014.

The training is dedicated to the problem of using photographic material to promote and inform. Some practical aspects of acquiring rights to photographs, such as the copyright law and the right of personal portrayal will be discussed.

The participants will learn:

• how to acquire and properly ensure copyright to a photograph, having various ways of using it in mind;
• in what cases it is possible to use an image without the photographed person's permission and when such permission is necessary;
• what formalities have to be fulfilled to gain the above-mentioned permission;
• if and when pictures taken at an event organised by cultural institutions ca be published on the Internet;
• when and how pictures taken at a vernissage, concert or public event can be used;
• what claims can be laid by a person whose image has been used without their permission.

The training will be run by solicitors from Kancelaria Adwokacka Lassota i Partnerzy: Marcin Lasssota and Joanna Lassota (in Polish).