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//Untypical jigsaw puzzle//

Untypical jigsaw puzzle

On 19th October 2014 the Museum hosted workshops dedicated to the newly-opened Julian Opie's exhibition: Sculptures Paintings Films.

While viewing the show the participants learned about different  means of expression used by the artist. They followed  points, lines and colourful spots that make up a painting. They looked at mosaics and compared them with the pixels visible in digital photographs. They observed how movement had been captured in individual works and wondered how to express the characteristics of a person in a simplified way. The starting point for the workshops were works showing people walking in the streets of London. Using colourful sheets the participants created portraits of children playing at Jordan Park in Krakow. The workshops were summed up by the exhibition of works, which also provided background for children practising various steps like stroll, museum step or jog trot.