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//Time for Art// (5)

Time for Art (5)

On 26 September 2014 there took place another – the 5th – encounter from the series Time for Art. The senior citizens had an opportunity to become acquainted with the exhibition Crime in Art. During the session, structured as an interactive guided tour, in the course of often heated discussions, the participants interpreted a number of works, reflecting on their relevance to the theme of the exhibition and issues such as violence, representation and the boundaries of art. The works that triggered the most interest were those by Zbigniew Libera, Grzegorz Drozd, Teresa Margolles and Dorota Nieznalska.

The participants had been given written questions inviting them to come up with statements on selected topics. In reply to the question ‘What do I expect from this exhibition?’ the answers came: ‘visual evil’, ‘cruelty’, ‘life tragedies’ and ‘fascination’. This last response has an important place amongst emotions evoked by art that takes on board crime, as proved by the lively atmosphere of the session.