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//Thursdays with the Collection//: Leopold Kessler

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Thursdays with the Collection: Leopold Kessler

30.05.2019 at 11 am – 7 pm

Published at:04.04.2019

As part of April and May Thursdays with the Collection, we present three works by Leopold Kessler: Budapest – Vienna Import (2006), Renovated (2003) and Repaired (2002).

The artist is above all interested in public space, within which he carries out subtle, ironic and semi-legal interventions. When wearing his work clothes he blurs into the cityscape to become almost invisible to passers-by. By creating absurd situations he demonstrates the utter trust that members of the public bestow on anyone dressed like a technical support workman. Kessler examines the potential of urban space, pointing out the gaps in its systemic structure.

In Renovated and Repaired, the artist donning the uniform of a municipal worker, carries out repairs in the city. He signs off every task performed – breaking away from the anonymity of technical services while simultaneously undermining traditional perception of an art work.

The work Budapest – Vienna Import also presents an apparently innocent and simple situation. However, the viewers find themselves uncomfortable, questioning the reason for sending cigarettes from Budapest to Vienna wondering whether this may be a case of smuggling.

The works of Leopold Kessler may also be viewed as part of the MOCAK Collection (video Perforation cal. 10 mm) and the presentation Outdoor Exhibits from the MOCAK Collection (installation Surrogate City Bike Station / MOCAK 2015, situated in front of the Museum’s building in Lipowa Street).



The current project Tuesdays with the Collection, in which once a week selected video works from the MOCAK Collection are shown in the audiovisual hall, continues as Thursdays with the Collection due to altered timetable.

The screenings take place throughout the day during the Museum’s opening hours: 11 am – 7 pm. Admission to the MOCAK Collection exhibition is free of charge on Thursday.