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The Parade of Muscle Men

The Parade of Muscle Men

On 22 August 2012 the Parade of Muscle Men took place – the last session in the series Summer at MOCAK! The activity was led by Justyna Koeke, Maria Wegenke and Elżbieta Sala. The workshop had been inspired by Justyna Koeke’s performance Showing Muscles on 18 May, during the opening of the exhibition Sport in Art.

As a warm-up, all participants were asked to make a drawing of their own face and to pass it to the person next to them, whose job it then was to turn the drawing into a portrait of a muscle man. The original authors then had to use the drawings, in their ‘improved’ version, as t|\he basis for introducing themselves to all those present. Next, the children viewed selected works from the exhibition Sport in Art.

The second part of the workshop kicked off with the film of the performance Showing Muscles. Then Justyna Koeke explained to the participant how – using accessories such as brightly-coloured tights, sponge, cardboard or cotton wool they could dress us so as to feel like real-life body builders. The workshop culminated with a colourful parade of the smiling children in the Museum courtyard, donning the costumes created.

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