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The Museum of Imagination

As it turned out, in order to create a Museum of Imagination, neither a building nor any exhibits are required. All that is needed is an open mind and a little imagination. And so, taking advantage of the sunny, final days of the summer holiday, we decided to take the workshop outside, into the open air, just outside the MOCAK main building.

An intriguing challenge awaited the kids. Their task was to consider the Museum with the aid of their imagination and... soap bubbles. As a matter of fact, our little visitors took to the task in hand with a gusto! They clearly had lots of fun blowing gynormous soap bubbles, looking through them – as if through oversize glasses – at the multicoloured, deformed world. Thanks to their enthusiasm, in no time at all, the little alleyway next to MOCAK was completely taken over by soap bubbles.

What did the participants see in their soap bubbles, acting as crystal balls? What does MOCAK look like, reflected in rainbow foam?

Please visit our photo gallery to find out!