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//The Museum for You// as part of the Culture Factory

The Museum for You as part of the Culture Factory

21.09.2019 at 11 am – 6 pm

Published at:11.09.2019

On Saturday 21 September, we invite you to the Cultural Centre in Nowa Huta. One of the attractions of the Culture Factory will be the Visiting Collection – a mobile exhibition of contemporary art arranged in the MOCAK bus! All visitors will be given a guided tour.

The exhibition presents works by 23 artists from Poland and abroad. These are videos, photographs and small installations, arranged by the artists in showcases. Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Kamil Kukla, Piotr Lutyński and. The outside of the vehicle has also been used as a display space.

The travelling programme of the bus has been co-ordinated by MOCAK Art Knowledge Department. Individuals and institutions who would like to invite the museum bus to their town, please contact us by e-mail on edukacja@mocak.pl one month in advance to arrange details.